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Nightly automated builds available on .

Sourceforge mirror.


The binaries available here are freely redistributable (cover mount CD/DVD, download site,...) BUT they must be redistributed as they are. In particular, it means you cannot alter/replace the installer to bundle avidemux with other programs (for example: browser toolbars). Doing so would invalidate your license to redistribute and you would be providing counterfeiting software.

The windows binaries are compiled on linux, the risk of viruses, trojan etc is basically zero. There is no toolbar,spyware etc ... in the installer.

CHECK THE MD5SUM!, you never know and it takes 0 seconds.

Linux, source

0.6.20 Final (tar.gz), FossHub ,
MD5 : 02be64ae608c9195454b5393ba684fc0
see 0.6.x compilation instructions

Linux 04, Universal binaries

0.6.20 Final (appImage), FossHub
MD5 03bef7e73d8cc86a89fa30f20026090a :
(dont forget to do "chmod +x avidemux_2.6.20.appImage" !).

0.5.6 (tar.gz) SourceForge
MD5 : 00e479dd806b94a98d3f0f40639e88a9
see 0.5.x compilation instructions


Ubuntu —

Debian — Christian Marillat packages

Mandriva — PLF


If it crashes after loading a video, disable openGl in preferences .

win32 0.6.20 Final Install (32 bits),

Mac OS X

0.6.20 Sierra 04bits QT5 (dmg), FossHub ,


PBI are available at PBIDIR

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